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Man Behind The Keyboard

Hi my name is Tim Ski, I work at Capital One as a Tech Fellow. I love Linux, Python, Golang and Pizza.

  • Former Navy Information Systems Technician (E-5/ESWS)
  • Record collector see my list
  • Proud father of a Shihtzu named Skeeter follow him
  • Nardones & Sabatinis are my favorite pizza

Where In The World Was Tim Ski?

Argentina, Bahia Blanca
Argentina, Las Flores
Brazil, Salvador
Chile, Antafagasta
Chile, Iquique
Chile, Mellijones
Chile, Punta Arenas
England, London
England, Plymouth
England, Portsmouth
Italy , Naples
Las Palmas Gran Canaies Island
Panama, Balboa
Panama Canal
Peru, Callao
Peru, Lima
Poland, Gdansk
Poland, Sopot
Scotland, Edensburgh
Singapore, Santosa
Spain, Palma/ibiza
Spain, Rota
St. Lucia
Suez Canal
Thailand, Phuket
Turkey, Marmairs
Uruguay, Montevideo

Former Employees

Rocket to Cloud
General Dynamics
US Navy

Places I Called Home at One Time

Shenandoah, PA
Pensacola, FL
Norfolk, VA
Tysons Corner, VA
Pittsfield, MA
North Bethesda, MD